Play on Free Poker Sites for Bitcoin Bets

Bitcoin Poker is a game that relies on both luck and skills. While there are no guaranteed ways to win the game, there are certain strategies that could deliver amazing winnings.

There are widely used strategies to improve chances of coming out on top. Employing strategies and trying these out on free poker sites for Bitcoin could be of great help. However, just like other betting games, no strategy promises a 100% win rate. But improving your chances of winning a hand is better than nothing, right?

Winning hands

One of the most overlooked strategies when playing poker is knowing the winning hands. While this is an orthodox strategy, having a good grasp of the winning poker hands is essential in deciding when to back out or pursue your hand.

The least valuable hand you can have is a high card. A high card means that you don’t have any combinations at hand. If you have a pair at the end of the round, you may win the round if your cards beat other pairs and high cards.

Meanwhile, the challenge of mastering the hand begins with the straight all the way to the flushes. Check out hand charts in Best Bitcoin Poker Room to get a clearer view of the poker hand hierarchy.

Be mindful

Folding constantly is never a good strategy. Just like any game, you need to be aggressive from time to time. Aggressive play involves betting and raising the stakes. On the other hand, passive play revers to checking and calling.

By being aggressive, you can further increase the pot size and show other players you have a good hand, unless you’re bluffing. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to be aggressive at all times.  There is a right time to be aggressive and there is a right time to be passive.

For more strategies, head to Best Bitcoin Poker Room and explore other winning techniques for Bitcoin poker.

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