Outside Betting in Roulette with Bitcoins Gives Bigger Prices

Roulette is French word that means, “little wheel”. The game is highly associated with style and passion. It is all about odds and statistics. Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician has invented the spinning wheel for his experiment.  He failed on his attempt but the popular roulette game was created.

Over the years, it has become a widely known and recognized game and symbol of casino gambling. It is a combination of game of chances, style and passion. It is still played today in much the same way as it was in the past. From the traditional land based casinos, it has been made available and presently also available on mobile devices. There is just so many ways to enjoy playing roulette.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin as a currency is used in many transactions. Gambling with bitcoins is getting popular because it is one of the fastest ways to deposit and withdraw.  Best Bitcoin Roulette gives all the information needed to get started in playing online casinos with free bitcoin roulette bonus.

Outside Roulette Betting

Knowing the type of bet is important for players of this game. Players make bets by placing their chip(s) on the playing table. Perhaps, Outside Betting is a safe way to play roulette and have bigger chances of winning. Outside betting tactics in roulette are as follows:

Black or Red – as the name suggests, players bet either the ball would land on black or red tile.

Column – players would bet on which of the 12-columns the ball would most likely land.

Low / High – regardless of the tile color, players bet only either the ball would land on numbers 1 – 18 (low) or numbers 19 – 36 (high).

Odd / Even – the color is not important, players bet either the ball would end up at any one of the 18 odd number tiles or one of the 18 even number tiles.

Dozens – players choose either they would bet on the first 12 (1-12) numbers, second 12 (13-24) numbers or third 12 (25-36) numbers.

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