There Are Many Ways to Available To Earn Bitcoins For Free

Bitcoin is a form of currency that is free of any central authority. They are not printed and obviously do not have any physical form. It is one of the most popular alternative payment methods today. The use of bitcoin allows fast and direct transaction. It is free of charge. There is couple of ways available to store this currency but where does it come from? The answer is simple. Bitcoins are collected through exchange, mining or faucets.

Bitcoin Exchange

This is the very popular way of getting bitcoins. Depending on the source, a number of ways are available to pay for them. Transactions are through wire transfer, sometimes face-to-face or ‘over-the-counter’. Recent developments have made it possible to have bitcoin ATMs to print out paper with codes that anybody could use to add funds to their personal bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Mining

The process is named as such because it resembles the rate at which minerals like gold are mined from the ground, slow and requires a lot of effort. Mining is used to introduce more bitcoins in the circulation. It adds transaction records to the public ledger of past transactions. Bitcoin mining is possible with the help of special computer hardware. The process is meant to be resource-intensive and difficult so that the numbers of blocks found every day by the miners remain the same.

Bitcoin Faucets

These are online reward systems in the form of either website or mobile application. They give away rewards in the form of bitcoin by doing simple actions. The bitcoin rewards are dispensed in different time intervals.

The first online bitcoin faucet was launched in 2010. Gavin Andresen, one of the lead developers of bitcoin currency has created the website. The visitors of his website were given five (5) free bitcoins. His idea was copied and now more websites give away free bitcoins.

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