Have Fun with Using Your Bitcoins

It seems like only yesterday since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin into the world. The truth is it has been less than a decade since the cryptocurrency entered the spotlight and it has quickly taken center stage in the online economy. Though credit cards are a still the most popular option around when paying for things online, Bitcoin is becoming a popular choice.

The cryptocurrency’s popularity can be traced to the fact that it allows quick and easy international transactions. With the international reach of many online deals, Bitcoin is ideal for cross-border payments, especially with its low fees. This is a great impetus for many merchants and providers to turn to it. Here are some of the uses you can turn your Bitcoin to in this brave new world.


There are a lot of items you can buy nowadays with Bitcoin. Many online merchants are allowing people to buy from their stores with the cryptocurrency. Some of the noticeable stores that let people spend bitcoins are Amazon, Overstock, and New Egg. With the large catalogues on these sites, you’ll be hard pressed to make a choice. These are just the beginning. Many Bitcoin analysts project an increasing amount of merchants accepting the currency every month.


Bitcoin allows for anonymous transactions, which makes it for gambling on the Internet. Bitcoin sports betting and Bitcoin casinos are spreading like wave across the Internet. Have some fun with it and hope to hit a big jackpot. If you’re not keen on gambling, rumors abound of Steam soon accepting Bitcoin; smaller online game stores have already begun to accept it.


Need webhosting or an airline ticket home? Bitcoin can help as offline merchants are also beginning to accept the cryptocurrency. Pretty soon, you can go on a vacation and pay for everything in Bitcoin!


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